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Name: Notebooks / Value: 3,230 Eur / Location: Bratislava (SVK) / Keyword: hardware, laptops, Bratislava, Stare Mesto Name: Limousine Services / Value: 10,890 USD / Location: New York (U.S.) / Keyword: VIP transport, taxi, limousine services, NYC Name: Car insurance / Value: 2,500 SEK / Location: Lulea (SWE) / Keyword: Insurance, Sweden Name: Office Stationery / Value: 98,295,284 IDR / Location: Bengaluru (India) / Keyword: Letters, envelopes, toners, office equipement, Bengaluru, Karnataka Name: Glass wine bottles / Value: 862,160 CNY / Location: Shadong (China) / Keyword: Glass containers, glass wine bottles, glass jar, China Name: Translation Services / Value: 37,792 PLN / Location: Krakow (Poland) / Keyword: Official language translation services, Krakow Name: Roof tiles / Value: 49,954 HRK / Location: Brela (Croatia) / Keyword: Tiles, building materials, Croatia, Split Name: Legal Counsel / Value: 68,500 Eur / Location: Cagliari (Italy) / Keyword: Legal advisory, law services, legal counsel, Italy, Sardegna Name: Long-term hotel accomodation / Value: 149,600 Eur / Location: Munich (Germany) / Keyword: Hotel accomodation, hotel services, Munich, luxury hotels Name: Car rental services / Value: 25,320 USD / Location: San Rafael (Argentina) / Keyword: Car rental, passenger car, leasing Name: Heavy truck tires purchase / Value: 1,156,500 RUB / Location: Krasnogorsk (Russia) / Keyword: Truck tires, Krasnogorsk, Moscow district Name: Mobile Devices / Value: 4,540 USD / Location: Pittsburg (U.S.) / Keyword: Mobile devices and accessories, Pittsburg, Samsung Galaxy S6

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London based firm bought the office supplies using
London, United Kingdom

UK company headquartered in London used to search for a supplier of the office supplies. The client’s office manager identified few suppliers located in London and organized a real-time auction with pre-selected suppliers. The overall procurement process was quickly organized, from the start till the end, in 3 days using our online auction platform. The winner was awarded a two-year contract worth almost 100K GBP.

The consulting company seeking a long-term hotel accommodation contract
Norway, EU

The renown global consulting company was seeking for a long-term hotel accommodation contract with 4*/5* hotel chains across the European Union. The client is constantly running projects in 8 European cities. The procurement manager invited five hotel chains to participate in the online auction at to bid for app 4.800 overnight B&B stays. The client achieved 34.5% discount compared to the standard hotel rate.

Event agency seeking VIP transfer services

A small NYC based event agency looked for a company providing VIP transfer services in the city of New York. The client’s assistant organized the real-time reverse auction with four participants at Finally, the event agency selected Brooklyn based VIP transfer services provider.

Building company looking for specific construction materials
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The UAE is well-known market for the rapid development of new urban areas. The local building company searched for the supplier of the specific construction materials that were supposed to be used for a development of the urban project close to the seacoast. Our client run the reverse real-time auction with three participants and the winner was awarded a long-term supply contract for one the biggest real-estate development projects in the Emirates.

IT company seeking JAVA developers for a new long-term project
Sweden, EU

IT company based in Europe searched for the senior JAVA developers globally. The candidates that fulfilled the selection criteria were pre-selected in the RFP phase at In the second bidding round, the candidates offered the best man-day rate in a real time online reverse auction. First 15 candidates from 11 countries with the lowest MD rate were awarded the initial short-term contracts.

One-stop shop for all general car repair services searched for the used tires recycling company
Manchester, United Kingdom

The general car repair services company based in the UK looked for the scrap tire recycling company. The client runs nine one-stop shops in a wider London area. The client realized the reverse online auction with five pre-selected participants with the assistance of our expert team at resulting in 15.8% cost-savings compared to the initial bid prices.

Restaurant looking for a local fresh fruit supplier
Singapur, Asia

The quality canteen providing the food service for the employees in the office park looked for a local supplier of the fresh fruits to improve its fresh foods menu. The company invited several local farmers to participate in the online reverse auction at Two small farms offering the best price / delivery terms were awarded the contracts by the client.

Private owner seeking housekeeping company
Barcelona, Espana

The private owner of a newly built villa by the sea looked for a housekeeping services company. The owner received 11 offers via Finally, the contract was awarded to a local company with 15.4% discount compared to the expected price.

Steve Chomski
Austin, Texas

„I’m actually astonished at how quickly helps you to get results. I’ve been searching for the building contractors and they’ve delivered in a few seconds in my area. Furthemore, using  I’ve been able to get considerable price discount for building materials without a need going anywere to negotiate.“

Shariar Laksma
Bangalore, India

„Bestauction Team is continously  developing innovative ways to serve both, business and consumers, and has the enourmeus potential to radically change the way of shopping.“

Belinda Xao
Shanghai, China

„They are truly global. quickly helped me to find reliable Chinese suppliers for glass containers. Running the online reverse auction with theese suppliers brought me an additional price discount of 15%.“

Viera Palova, Procurement Expert, Kozí Vŕšok

„Using online, we’ve gained an instant access to the approved and reliable suppliers with an impressive portfolio of products in a few hours instead of weeks. We actively use the online reverse auction for product procurement , and in turn, we get the benefits in terms of more efficient and transparent purchasing process.“

Valent Gura, Partner, Wallenberg

„Of the cloud reverse auctions we looked at, was fastest and the most developed. We found that we can run auctions in hours that used to take weeks to develop. That’s our main benchmark.“

Jozef Kavec, Managing Director, NordERP
Slovakia, EU

„ is extremely user-friendly and integrates perfectly into our ERP system.  It’s functionality and features dramaticaly improved our customer’s experience with a procurement process.“

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