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Name: Notebooks / Value: 3,230 Eur / Location: Bratislava (SVK) / Keyword: hardware, laptops, Bratislava, Stare Mesto Name: Limousine Services / Value: 10,890 USD / Location: New York (U.S.) / Keyword: VIP transport, taxi, limousine services, NYC Name: Car insurance / Value: 2,500 SEK / Location: Lulea (SWE) / Keyword: Insurance, Sweden Name: Office Stationery / Value: 98,295,284 IDR / Location: Bengaluru (India) / Keyword: Letters, envelopes, toners, office equipement, Bengaluru, Karnataka Name: Glass wine bottles / Value: 862,160 CNY / Location: Shadong (China) / Keyword: Glass containers, glass wine bottles, glass jar, China Name: Translation Services / Value: 37,792 PLN / Location: Krakow (Poland) / Keyword: Official language translation services, Krakow Name: Roof tiles / Value: 49,954 HRK / Location: Brela (Croatia) / Keyword: Tiles, building materials, Croatia, Split Name: Legal Counsel / Value: 68,500 Eur / Location: Cagliari (Italy) / Keyword: Legal advisory, law services, legal counsel, Italy, Sardegna Name: Long-term hotel accomodation / Value: 149,600 Eur / Location: Munich (Germany) / Keyword: Hotel accomodation, hotel services, Munich, luxury hotels Name: Car rental services / Value: 25,320 USD / Location: San Rafael (Argentina) / Keyword: Car rental, passenger car, leasing Name: Heavy truck tires purchase / Value: 1,156,500 RUB / Location: Krasnogorsk (Russia) / Keyword: Truck tires, Krasnogorsk, Moscow district Name: Mobile Devices / Value: 4,540 USD / Location: Pittsburg (U.S.) / Keyword: Mobile devices and accessories, Pittsburg, Samsung Galaxy S6

Easy of use

Right from the start, you’ll be able to easily navigate through No specific training is needed. In general, ease of use is the critical element in the adoption of any online applications. In all screens are laid out in a logical way so that buyers find it easy to follow best practice every time through a bidding process. The suppliers can easily identify the potential business opportunities and ask the bidders for an active participation in the bidding process.

Cloud based application is a cloud based application and there is  no need to install any software. The only prerequisite to use it is to have an access to the Internet. Furthermore is available anytime and anywhere (24×7). For a fraction of costs you can have the access to automated tools and approval flows with global reach. is the first true SaaS-based online platform for the procurement process available mainly to common users as well as to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) globally.

Truly global

From the simplest call for proposals to the most complex multi-parameter bids, clever wizards and tools will help you launch bids, collaborate, and negotiate with your suppliers across the world. Create a bid in just few minutes. Soon, you’ll be receiving offers from matched sellers. Regardless of what you buy, helps you to easily find on the map the potential suppliers in a defined area. Through, you can manage suppliers, purchases, budgets and costs for operations anywhere in the world.

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    Martin Gracka, CEO and founder

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    Peter Ondrus,

    Great businness helper

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