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Auction Name: Limousine Services / Value: 10,890 USD / Location: New York (U.S.) / Auction keywords: VIP transport, taxi, limousine services, NYC Auction Name: Car insurance / Value: 2,500 SEK / Location: Lulea (SWE) / Auction keywords: Insurance, Sweden Auction Name: Office Stationery / Value: 98,295,284 IDR / Location: Bengaluru (India) / Auction keywords: Letters, envelopes, toners, office equipement, Bengaluru, Karnataka Auction Name: Glass wine bottles / Value: 862,160 CNY / Location: Shadong (China) / Auction keywords: Glass containers, glass wine bottles, glass jar, China Auction Name: Notebooks / Value: 3,230 Eur / Location: Vienna (Austria) / Auction keywords: hardware, laptops, Austria Auction Name: Translation Services / Value: 37,792 PLN / Location: Krakow (Poland) / Auction keywords: Official language translation services, Krakow Auction Name: Roof tiles / Value: 49,954 HRK / Location: Brela (Croatia) / Auction keywords: Tiles, building materials, Croatia, Split Auction Name: Legal Counsel / Value: 68,500 Eur / Location: Cagliari (Italy) / Auction keywords: Legal advisory, law services, legal counsel, Italy, Sardegna Auction Name: Long-term hotel accomodation / Value: 149,600 Eur / Location: Munich (Germany) / Auction keywords: Hotel accomodation, hotel services, Munich, luxury hotels Auction Name: Car rental services / Value: 25,320 USD / Location: San Rafael (Argentina) / Auction keywords: Car rental, passenger car, leasing Auction Name: Heavy truck tires purchase / Value: 3,845 CAD / Location: Toronto (Canada) / Auction keywords: Truck tires, Toronto, Ontario Auction Name: Mobile Devices / Value: 4,540 USD / Location: Pittsburg (U.S.) / Auction keywords: Mobile devices and accessories, Pittsburg, Samsung Galaxy S23

Turn Referrals into

Revenue with BestAuction

Turn Referrals into

Revenue with BestAuction

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