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Name: Notebooks / Value: 3,230 Eur / Location: Bratislava (SVK) / Keyword: hardware, laptops, Bratislava, Stare Mesto Name: Limousine Services / Value: 10,890 USD / Location: New York (U.S.) / Keyword: VIP transport, taxi, limousine services, NYC Name: Car insurance / Value: 2,500 SEK / Location: Lulea (SWE) / Keyword: Insurance, Sweden Name: Office Stationery / Value: 98,295,284 IDR / Location: Bengaluru (India) / Keyword: Letters, envelopes, toners, office equipement, Bengaluru, Karnataka Name: Glass wine bottles / Value: 862,160 CNY / Location: Shadong (China) / Keyword: Glass containers, glass wine bottles, glass jar, China Name: Translation Services / Value: 37,792 PLN / Location: Krakow (Poland) / Keyword: Official language translation services, Krakow Name: Roof tiles / Value: 49,954 HRK / Location: Brela (Croatia) / Keyword: Tiles, building materials, Croatia, Split Name: Legal Counsel / Value: 68,500 Eur / Location: Cagliari (Italy) / Keyword: Legal advisory, law services, legal counsel, Italy, Sardegna Name: Long-term hotel accomodation / Value: 149,600 Eur / Location: Munich (Germany) / Keyword: Hotel accomodation, hotel services, Munich, luxury hotels Name: Car rental services / Value: 25,320 USD / Location: San Rafael (Argentina) / Keyword: Car rental, passenger car, leasing Name: Heavy truck tires purchase / Value: 1,156,500 RUB / Location: Krasnogorsk (Russia) / Keyword: Truck tires, Krasnogorsk, Moscow district Name: Mobile Devices / Value: 4,540 USD / Location: Pittsburg (U.S.) / Keyword: Mobile devices and accessories, Pittsburg, Samsung Galaxy S6

Billions of people are being affected by the new COVID-19 pandemic, setting off an unprecedented global health crisis.

The global supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19 put a spotlight on procurement operations in a way nothing ever has before. The experts expect to see use of e-procurement technology increase as digitalizing procurement will only help companies as they look to build greater resilience into their supply chains, reduce risks, and drive cost savings.

Health concerns, confinement measures and border closures adopted in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis have caused severe disruption in the supply and distribution chains. Having access to open, complete and high-quality data can help to predict and manage supply chains.

We pay any price!

A lack of data on lead times and other important indicators exacerbates the problems posed by complex and congested supply chains in which buyers are willing to pay any price and production capacity is low. Many companies will start to realize the potential of available data to intelligently guide decisions, using it to reach greater levels of success.

COVID-19 radically disrupted supply chains across the continents, leaving companies of all sizes in a scramble to locate alternative suppliers as fast as possible to maintain business continuity.

E-procurement technologies enable these firms to access a much larger supplier base and communicate in real time on immediate sourcing needs. When essential items are scarce and time is of the essence, open and accountable procurement becomes an even more important

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Buyers and suppliers can now connect through our  platform, which is an online auction platform accessible at any time from anywhere, in your desktop or mobile phone.

Our ambition is to connect buyers and suppliers across the globe in a simple, fast and a cost-effective way. We, in, believe that nothing beats the price, except a better price. With a help of our bidding platform, our users can simply achieve higher cost savings with no upfront investments needed.

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